Coaster Project

So many artists, designers and creatives have had their livelihoods upended or are in jeopardy in the wake of Covid.

Sales have slowed, shows have been cancelled, exhibitions and fairs indefinitely postponed or moved online

I wanted to put together an exhibition for as many creatives to participate in as a means of support and encouragement for when we come out the other side of this pandemic, isolation and economic standstill.

In 2018 Fisher Parrish held an exhibition titled The Ashtray Show, they asked over 80 artists to reinterpret the ashtray.  I loved everything about it. 


Coaster project is based around the same premise. 


Drink coasters are a staple of bars and pubs and our homes.  They range from plain and printed cardboard to the high end in various materials to protect delicate surfaces.  In the current climate, I believe as an object, it is synonymous with socialising, freedom of mobility and a return to more carefree and happier times, that light at the end of the tunnel that is covid.

Creatives are asked to make a set of four coasters, no constraints on material or style, Coasters could be thematic or identical.  

An exhibition will be organised post lockdown, with a location based on the number of participants.  Coasters will be at bar height, encouraging friends and strangers to get up close and personal with the works.

I wanted to find a way to encourage and support the creative community, getting people to make something out of this social isolation, and when the whole ordeal is over, have a show with affordable and interesting works, through the exact opposite of social distancing.