Created for Alt.Material in 2020 as apart of the digital Melbourne Design Week.

The alt.material collective presents its fourth event - titled 'ingenuity' with the aim to address how design might bring us closer together despite out current physical separation.


‘Emphasis is to placed on the qualities of being clever, original and inventive.

To design, develop & make a object of use from limited resources.’


As designers, how can we address the need for essential & urges practical responses that solve real problems?
‘Following the Covid-19 pandemic, we are further apart & more distanced from each other than ever before. Projects are on hold. Others postponed indefinitely. Many people are out of work as a result of business closures & job cuts. The fortunate are working remotely. Behind screens, connected digitally and virtually. We are witnessing elevated rates of stress, anxiety, loneliness & depression. Our metal health is suffering. Our future is uncertain. There are no physical exhibitions or events to attend.


When the pandemic struck, my entire family was overseas, separated from one another. Like so many other families, the uncertainty still lingers of when we will all be in the one place.
Designed within a framework to be easily recreated for others in similar situations, Panorama is a representation of far away places and the people we are unable to visit.
Named for both the description of an uninterrupted view and the place my youngest brother lives in the Canadian Rockies, this wall sculpture made from folded brass, is an interpretation of the mountains behind his house.